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After the Fall (Rated PG-13) A/C-ish
Post-ep for Waiting in the Wings.


Amor Fati (Rated PG-13) Angel/Buffy, Angel/Cordy friendship
SUMMARY: Two outsiders drawn together by fate.


Anodyne (Rated  PG-13) Genfic, A/C friendship
Post-ep for A New World.


Babylon (Rated NC-17) Cordelia/Angel
SUMMARY: "In his mind, he was Cary Grant and John Wayne and Arnold Palmer, all rolled into one." An AU post-ep for S3's "The Price." No Skip, no Connor. Just the story as I wanted it to be told. 


Beacon (Rated NC-17) Cordelia/Angel)
SUMMARY: "Nothing got him going like a good fight. Nothing ever had." A post-ep/missing scene for S1's “The Ring." Runner-Up, Best NC17, Angels Without Wings Awards 2005, Round 1.


The Center Cannot Hold (Rated R) C/C
From the Christmas 2002 Challenge at AACAngst. The challenge is simple: holidays 2002, accepting all onscreen canon as fact. Spoilers through Rain of Fire. For a follow-up, see The Widening Gyre.


The Cruelest Month (Rated R) Genfic
The story of four detectives, two snitches, one candy dispenser, and an April Fool's day that Cordelia would rather forget. Post-ep for Epiphany.


Dead Man's Rope (Rated R) Cordelia/Angel, Cordelia/Other
SUMMARY: Cordelia wakes from a long sleep to find the world isn't exactly as she remembered...and neither is she.


DEVILS AND DUST (Rated PG) Angel/Cordy/Doyle Friendship
SUMMARY: Written for the Truth Or Dare Challenge at ca_atlast from samsom's Truth prompt: Cordelia gets hurt during a fight and it's Angel's turn to patch her up. Nighttime, alley, wetness.


Disposable (Rated PG-13) 

A mid-ep fic, slotted in right before the last scene of “Disharmony.” I always wondered how Cordy and Angel went from chilly to friendly – the clothes never were enough of an explanation for me. Based on a challenge by luckylyn, which can be seen at the end of the fic.


Divided Heart (Rated PG-13) A/C-ish
Post-ep for Spin The Bottle.


Echoing (Rated PG-13) A/C-ish
Post-ep for Waiting in the Wings. 


Five Lovers Cordelia Chase Could Have Totally Had If She'd Wanted Them (Rated PG-13)

The title says it all.  :)


Ghost of a Chance (Rated R) Cordelia/Other...kind of
SUMMARY: When Cordelia arrives home from the hospital to find an evil presence manifesting her building, the gang’s attempts to rescue Dennis from its clutches throw her recuperation into chaos. Co-written with littleheaven.


Hazard Pay (Rated PG) Angel/Cordy/Doyle Friendship
SUMMARY: It's Cordy's first Halloween in LA and it's not going like she planned.


Heart of the Matter - A Winifred Burkle Mystery (Rated  PG-13) A/C, Casefile
Nancy Drew and Stephanie Plum walk into a bar.... Spoilers through Billy.


Heat Stroke (Rated NC-17) Angel/Cordelia
SUMMARY: "Please tell me there's a Kwik-E-Mart next door," Angel said. Cordy slapped him on the arm. "No, dummy. There's nothing but desert. Flat, empty, stupid desert."


A High Road Out of Here (Rated R) C/G
Wishful-thinking-post-ep for The Price.


Life is But a Dream (Rated R) Genfic
SUMMARY: Life is the dream. Death is the awakening.


Lookin' for Love (Rated  NC-17) A/C
"Let's just call it a bonus for all those years of putting up with me." Link to Ebonbird's follow-up, So Many Faces.


A summer-reading post-ep for Tomorrow.


New Day Dawning (Rated PG-13) Genfic
Post-ep for Provider. 


Phoenix (Rated NC-17) PWP, A/C/W
Through smoke and storm, the battered bird rises. Spoilers through AtS S4, Sacrifice. Spoilers and speculation for the remainder of S4 and speculation for S5.


Queen of the Night (Rated NC-17) A/C
In order to have a future, Cordy must face Angel's past. Spoilers up through Dad. An ACAngst Plotfic of the Moment. Nominated for 2002 Halo Awards, Best Angel and Best Romance.


RELEASE (Rated PG-13) Genfic, with a side of C/A

Angel's past comes back to haunt him…literally.


Safe as Houses (Rated NC-17) A/C
A lonely night and a light flirtation lead Cordy into something darker and hotter than she ever imagined.
Spoilers through That Vision Thing. Nominated for 2002 Halo Awards, Best Short Story.


Sanguis (Rated R) A/C
This is blood-fic, plain and simple. It also attempts to set up Cordelia's ever-worsening visions and the series of events that culminated later in the season with Birthday. In other words, you want something light and fluffy? Go read Lookin' for Love. 
Set between Heartthrob and That Vision Thing.


Snow Angel (Rated NC-17) A/C
Secret Santa Fic: To Samluvsharrison, my giftee, who requested some Romance and Fluff, set after Birthday and before WitW (hereby known as the Golden Period of A/C romance). Spoilers up through Provider.


Storm Front (Rated NC-17) Angel/Cordelia
SUMMARY: One bad night. About to get a lot worse.


Waiting for the Miracle (Rated PG-13) Genfic
Post-ep for "Lullaby." 


The Widening Gyre (Rated R) A/C-ish
A follow-up to The Center Cannot Hold.



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